Hapix Player


What’s “Hapix Player”?

This application is for your listening to audio files, watching its wave profile.

Also, you can record and play your voice with its profile.

Valid format: mp3, aif, m4a, wav


– Repeat function.

– Changeable repeating area as you like.

– Changeable speed of playing audio from 50% to 200%.

– Changeable pitch of playing audio from – 1 octave to +1 octave.

– You can record your voice with one button instantly.

– You can check your voice which is recorded.


– This application is useful for your studying foreign languages.

– You can listen to audio repeatedly in your practice part of the sound file, changing its pitch and speed.

– This application help you to improve your pronunciation, recording your voice and comparing it with the pronunciation of native speakers.

Getting Started

Listening to a sound file

1. Push “Select File” button. After a dialog opens, select a sound file.

2. Push “PLAY” button on the upper box.

Recording your voice

1. Push “REC” button when a sound file is not playing.

2. Speak to your microphone, then push “REC” button again to stop recording.

3. Push “PLAY” button on the lower box.

Contact me

If you have any problems or comments regarding this program, feel free to email me from the following link.

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